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Are you intrigued by event influencer marketing, but don’t know where to start?
You know word-of-mouth can grow your event attendance exponentially, but you struggle to incorporate influencers in your current event marketing strategies?

We hear you: we have gathered all of our best event marketing tips to help you launch your first influencer campaign.

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Influencer marketing:
why your current event marketing strategies are not enough

When it comes to marketing virtual events / conferences and growing your attendance, the options seem endless. You could go the traditional digital marketing route, creating promotional social media content, investing in online advertising, or sending mass email campaigns to your past attendees.

But considering how only 33% of people trust traditional advertising, is this really the best you can do to drive new registrations?

The numbers do not lie: the time has come for event marketers to go back to basics.

Word-of-mouth is the new cool.

In this event influencer marketing Ebook, you will learn:

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