Our work


Canadian Institute of Mining, Convention & EXPO 2020

The CIM’s prestigious event boasts an almost 6000 in-person audience annually. The full marketing plan ranged from website to social, and mined all the GAPS in between!  Have a look…  


World Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition, Portland, 2020

We AMPed up EVS’s branding for a global gathering of the electric vehicle industry, focused on over 8,000 stakeholders, 400 exhibitors, with 50 countries represented.


Metallurgy and Materials Society

The Metallurgy and Materials Society has been active since 1898. The association conducts several meetings annually under the umbrella of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. These heavy metal fans are fun to get social with!

ICR 2019

The 25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration

Temperatures plummeted with ICR in Montreal! This was a cool opportunity to help bring together researchers and engineers from all over the world to focus on the current issues we are all facing: energy saving and energy efficiency, food supply, health, reduction of global warming and the protection of the ozone layer.