Put your people at the core of your event marketing campaign

Empower your audience with fully personalized digital marketing toolkits
that drive
conversions and conversations.

Mobilize your audience to amplify your event and content reach

Snöball transforms your existing audience members into vibrant brand ambassadors. Every single member of your community has influence - Snöball lets you tap into it.

Drive conversions and engagement with word-of-mouth

Acquire new audience members through the power of your influencer networks. Take word-of-mouth marketing to the masses through conversion-optimized social media!

Nurture and extend your community engagement Post-event

Engage your community year-round and keep the momentum going by empowering your influencers to share your content. After all, It's not what you share but who shares it that matters.

Peer-to-Peer Influence

Turn your audience into a new marketing channel

Peer-to-peer influence is 3X more effective than any form of advertising. Democratize influence and mobilize your community to amplify your event and content with ongoing segmented and optimized activation campaigns.

Audience Segmentation

Create multiple audience segments for better targeted campaigns

Build your campaigns around the right audience and incentivize them with the right message. Snöball continuously delivers participation rates of over 25%.

Digital Marketing Toolkits

Personalized Digital Marketing Toolkits at scale

It’s personal marketing on steroids. Snöball automagically generates personalized, conversion-optimized digital marketing toolkits for every member of your audience to maximize word-of-mouth marketing reach.

multilingual campaigns

Multilingual Campaigns​

Launch Multilingual Campaigns. Say what? 

Bien sûr, por supuesto, of course we believe in influence beyond borders. Imagine the impact of delivering multilingual campaigns to your segmented audience. Did we hear you just say “Now you speak my language?”

Marketing Analytics

Let our analytics drive your marketing decisions

Reporting on each and every piece of your Snöball campaigns. Your dedicated Do-It-FOR-You Snöballer provides actionable optimization recommendations for all of your activation campaigns, landing pages and social media content.

Marketing Analytics

Social Listening

Listen to this: Discover your most influential advocates 

Snöball social listening keeps a close eye on your campaign and identifies your top most influential advocates and reward them with custom incentives.

Curated Video Testimonials

Create a greater level of FOMO with influencer video soundbites

Snöball’s video testimonial tool makes it easy for speakers and/or attendees to record a personalized video soundbite from anywhere and share it with their digital marketing toolkit! 


Got questions? Cool!

We’ve launched successfully a snöball one week before the virtual event. In other cases, clients choose to run continuous campaigns on monthly basis. It helps keep the audience engaged year-round.

You buy time back with Snöball. All you need to get a campaign launched is few hours, or better yet, our snöballers can DI(FOR)Y so you can tackle your long To-do list.

Incentives are very supportive to a campaign whether it be with influencers or potential registrants. Offering something of benefit promotes sharing and spreading of the word.

We’ve seen monetary savings, complimentary registration, prize give-aways, and Speaker meet and greet are some examples. Additionally, first dibs on following year’s booth placement, exclusive spot on stage at the event with a 3-minute pitch (for exhibitors).

Many things. Happy to chat so we can spill the beans. 😉

Yes, we currently support multiple registration platforms. If it has an API, we can connect to it. 

If time and resources are impeding your growth,
it’s time for Snöball.

Our team has lived, loved, and breathed events for over 20 years,
so we know a thing or two about the biz.
We’re just cool like you.