How Snöball more than tripled registration to #GMIDGoesVirtual


The #GMIDGoesVirtual Case Study

15,000 registrations in 3 Weeks

Promoting your event is hard, especially with a tight turnaround and reduced bandwidth and brainwidth. It’s about delivering the right content, to the right audience, from the right influencers.

300% Growth

Snöball was responsible for 59% of all registrations

47% Open Rate

Average open rate of 47% across 10 emails and over 10,000 people

39 Countries

Snöball connected attendees from all around the world


Tap into the influence of your attendees, exhibitors, and speakers to grow your event.

Grow event attendance

Tap into your people’s professional connections to drive a blizzard of registrations.

Increase sponsorship revenue

Take advantage of built-in sponsorship opportunities and monetize your Snöball campaign.

Monetize your data

Turn Snöball campaign traffic into a captive audience pre-to-post event.

Snöball is the only influencer marketing technology that mobilizes attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers into trusted event advocates, pre-to-post event.

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