Ansys Case Study

Event Size: < 2K Attendees  |  Campaign Results: 186 New Registrants

How Ansys IDEAS gained ideal event attendees through Snöball

Event Overview

The Ansys IDEAS Digital Forum is the place to catch up on industry best practices and the latest advances in semiconductor, electronic, and photonic design.

IDEAS explores future trends with keynotes from industry leaders and offers technical insights by expert chip designers from many of the world’s largest electronic and semiconductor companies. IDEAS gives you a close-up view of some of the leading companies most advanced electronic design projects in the world. 

Event Results


Registrants referred via Snöball


Average registrants referred each week


Attendees referred the ideal registrants for Ansys Ideas 2022

Ansys snöballed the event with their registrants

Ansys needed to raise their registration quickly, so they snöballed the event with their existing registrants.

For example, here’s a personalized Snöball post one registrant shared via  LinkedIn.

Through a network of networks, registrants created a snöball effect

Some registrants for Ansys Ideas 2022 are very well-connected, and when put together, their network of networks created the perfect “Snöball” effect for Ansys.

One registrant drove 22 of their peers to register for the event!

Registrants referred their peers via social media, email, and messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

Referrals came from every channel

Registrants referred their peers using their favorite, most regular channels. Resulting in new event registrations via social media, email, and WhatsApp.

Bottom line, using Snöball, Ansys was able to leverage the networks of their existing registrants to gain 186 additional registrants for Ansys Ideas 2022. 

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