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Discover how Snöball mobilizes your audience attendees, speakers, partners and/or members into powerful influencers that help you grow your event/community. Our Snöballers will share some of the most effective event influencers campaigns to inspire yours.

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Small to large meetings, live and virtual events as well as exhibitions achieve up to 55% conversions on their Snöball event influencer marketing campaigns.


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You’ll connect with a Snöballer,an event marketing strategist

We’ll listen and learn about your audience acquisition and event marketing challenges and opportunities

Together, we’ll explore strategies on how and if we can help

We’ll explain how Snöball’s influencer technology works along with how you can grow and engage your audience year-round through events and content.

We’ll share examples of acquisition campaigns and explore different use cases that can inspire yours

You’ll decide if it makes sense to set up next steps!

Snöball was one of the team members, that not only got everyone registered but also displayed influencers’ photos in an amazing collection of Who’s Who of the global meetings industry on the website. I can’t think of any other platform that could have so perfectly illustrated the unity that the industry needs right now
Miguel Neves, Chief Social Strategist
Miguel Neves, Chief Social Strategist
FOMO is a real thing, and naturally people travel when they know who’s coming along for the ride! Our new partnership with Snöball will amplify the Look Who’s Attending initiative to reach a far greater community through trusted word-of-mouth marketing!
Matt C. Johnson, PresidentBizBash
Matt C. Johnson, President

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Get the word out fast

Use Snöball to generate personalized event marketing toolkits for your influencers to share.

Supercharge your growth

Stop worrying about your registration numbers and capture new targeted attendees

Expand your reach tonew audiences

Attract highly-targeted new prospects by social-proofing your event and content

Maximize your marketing spend

Your influencers are your trusted marketing agents. Snöball helps you work smarter and multiply your marketing efforts not your spend.

Grow your marketing team

Your dedicated Snöballer will strategize with you, monitors your campaign and recommends strategies to meet your growth goals.

Leverage your content and data

We keep your audience engaged from the pre- to the post-event with segmented retargeting campaigns using your Snöball’s data.

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