Conversions from pre-event to post-event Paid vs. Free Debate

The Paid vs. Free Case Study

Our own snöball, our own success

A content collaboration between Matchbox Virtual Media and Snöball, the Great Virtual Event Debate created a community! Check out how we used our own technology to drive pre-event promotion and post-event conversions. 

The Storm: Pre-event

Snöball activated our existing audience, based on their interests. We used them to drive over 200 new registrants to our virtual event – 35% of our captured attendees were new leads!

673 Registrants

Snöball drove 269% more leads than expected!

542 Real-Time Comments

250 live attendees averaged over two posts to chat each!

2,321 Landing Page Views

Our influencers spread the word to over 2,000 unique viewers!

The Snöfall: Post-event

By creating an extended asset, the eBook, we were able to leverage our attendee’s professional network reach to further increase our lead generation.They shared, their connections downloaded, and our final lead capture numbers skyrocketed!

447 Impressions

Audience members helped share our post-event eBook to their networks!

12.7% Conversion Rate

Our post-event eBook campaign drove nearly 50 extra leads.

7% Post-event growth

We engaged our attendees and captured new audience members!

Unleash the power of peer-to-peer influence to promote your event and content.

Grow event attendance

Tap into your people’s professional connections to drive a blizzard of registrations.

Increase sponsorship revenue

Take advantage of built-in sponsorship opportunities and monetize your Snöball campaign.

Monetize your data

Turn Snöball campaign traffic into a captive audience pre-to-post event.

Snöball is the only influencer marketing technology that mobilizes attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers into trusted event advocates, pre-to-post event.

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