PCMA Case Study

Event Size: < 1K Attendees  |  Campaign Results: 215 New Registrants

How PCMA gained 39% more attendees in less than 30 days with referral marketing

Event Overview

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300+ event professionals worldwide gathered for this 3-hour virtual event experience, joining industry leaders forecasting, explaining, and debating how digital technologies will continue to shape your events in 2023.

Coinciding with the launch of our new and improved Digital Event Strategist Certification, this interactive event connected event industry peers so they can network and discuss the most pressing questions, with experts available to chime in.

Event Results


Met and exceeded registration target


Registrant to attendee rate achieved


Net new highly qualified event attendees

PCMA (before Snöball)

PCMA did well on their own, just like any other event organizer, they got to 71% of the registration goal that they had… without Snöball. 

PCMA + Snöball

Instead of PCMA marketing repeatedly to every single registrant, with Snöball, registrants started to market to registrants. Speakers started to promote themselves. Sponsors were really engaged and helped promote the event.


PCMA's speakers snöballed the event with great success

PCMA speakers snöballed the event with their audience.

PCMA speakers snöballed the event with their audience using this personalized Snöball post. Speakers’ digital promotion kit got a lot smarter and easier with Snöball. PCMA was able to scale and track speakers promotions and referrals.

The speaker influenced her fans and peers to register for the event.

When the speaker’s fans and peers shared that they were registered … their peers registered for the event as well. Creating a “Snöball” effect.

One speaker drove 1,000+ visitors to the event’s registration page through Snöball’s easy-to-use one-click promotion widget.

PCMA community was most engaged on LinkedIn and Email.

Speakers co-marketed the event and their sessions.

We call that win-win marketing.
Speakers, along with the event’ sponsors and attendees, generated FOMO via social media, email,
WhatsApp, and Slack. With each marketing channel converting new registrants.

Bottom line, using Snöball, PCMA leveraged the influence of their speakers, sponsors, registrants as well as their DES certified alumni, to not only meet its event goals but to exceed them.

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