Terrapinn Case Study

Event Size: > 10K Attendees  |  Campaign Results: 1,727 New Registrants

Snöball automated outreach for 250+ exhibitors at Solar & Storage Live UK 2022

Event Overview

Solar & Storage Live is the UK’s largest renewable energy exhibition that celebrates the technologies at the forefront of the transition to a greener, smarter, more decentralised energy system. 

Over 15K+ industry leaders share their views and expertise on key topics such as: the energy security bill, the impact of war, annual CfDs, financing Storage, skilling up and much more.

Event Results


Registrants referred via Snöball


Average registrants referred each week


Multiple influencer types, channels, and co-branding capabilities helped Solar & Storage LIVE UK 2022 add thousands of registrants

Exhibitors leveraged co-branded marketing to promote Solar & Storage LIVE UK 2022

With Snöball, Solar & Storage LIVE 2022 generated 1,278 co-branded exhibitors marketing toolkits, empowering their exhibitors’ reps to promote their presence at the show.

GivEnergy, a Solar & Storage LIVE exhibitor, used his personalized Snöball post to share his presence at the event. It resulted in 196 registrations.

Snöball turned every registrant into promoter.

Exhibitors invited their current and prospective clients.

Speakers influenced their followers and community to register for the event.

Thousands of registrants referred their peers

This massive “Snöball” effect resulted in adding 1,727 new registrants  to Solar & Storage LIVE UK 2022.

Registrants referred their peers via Email more than any other channel.

For this niche event, Email was the leading referral channel among registrants

Email was the leading channel for referred registrants, bringing in more  new registrants than LinkedIn and WhatsApp combined!

With such an niche audience, it was important to have multiple channels optimized for referral marketing.

Bottom line, using Snöball, Solar & Storage LIVE UK 2022 added 1,727 additional registrants for their event. 

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