The snöball effect: making event influencer marketing easy

Snoball effect: influencer marketing platform

Why would you need an event influencer marketing platform?

Stop us if this sounds familiar:

You’ve helped plan an outstanding event, working with the organizing committee to deliver a program brimming with educational content and a roster of thought-leaders that practically sells itself. You’ve rolled out a cohesive marketing plan, leveraging your email lists and social media channels. But despite this, registration is tepid, your click-through rate has stagnated, and your social audience is growing but no one is talking to you or to one another. What happened? Seems like your message is not getting through the din of a noisy, hyperactive, attention-starved digital world.

The simple fact of an over-saturated world is something that event marketers have been struggling with for years, and it isn’t getting any easier. People are no longer willing to just sit back and passively consume what you feed them. You’ve got to convince your newly empowered consumers that you have something to offer… that you’re bringing something to the table that will augment their lived experience in a meaningful way.

Enter Influencer Marketing. The star child of marketing prophets, Influencer Marketing activates the statistic that 92% of people trust word of mouth by getting community leaders to act as brand ambassadors. Leveraging the power of social personalities cannot be underscored: creating branded content with social media influencers, brands can amplify their message while seducing their target audience.

For planners, Influencer Marketing is the secret sauce to boosting your event’s authenticity. Think about it: You’ve brought together a master list of visionaries in your event’s field, from renowned sponsors to expert speakers. This is Influencer Marketing GOLD. So why aren’t more planners mining this social clout?


Event influencer marketing - the secret sauce


Having worked with planners for over 16 years, it seems that there is a common answer for what is holding events back from a robust Event Influencer Marketing strategy: a lack of time, resources and know-how. The logistics of creating an Influencer Marketing strategy, rolling it out, creating assets, and managing the process is just too daunting to tackle. We felt that there had to be a simpler way, and this really is the seed of the idea that sparked snöball.

We wanted to provide planners with a way to activate their event Influencers without the significant time investment. We wanted to make event influencer marketing an automated process, as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! We did it!

snöball is an event Influencer Marketing platform that generates unique, branded landing pages for each of your event’s speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and other participants, complete with their custom information. Here are some of the features this influencer marketing platform offers:

Fully customizable landing pages

  • Unique, personalized URLs
  • Sponsors / exhibitor logos
  • Booth number, headshots, presentation title
  • Incentivization programs like VIP codes and discounts

Automated email campaigns and social media posts

  • Fully customized influencer email campaign
  • Pre-written personalized social media posts
  • Shareable assets

Monitoring and analytics

  • Monitor social mentions
  • Gather data on landing page traffic
  • Track conversions
  • Reward most active influencers

Our team is super passionate about events and we’re excited to have created an Influencer Marketing platform that works for events. At the end of the day, events are a powerful way to foster connections between people and providing a tool that can facilitate this is what we live for.