Referral Marketing Use Cases

Call for Speakers

Content creators get the word out!

  • Attract more session submissions
  • Generate interest
  • Help shape the program
  • Start event awareness ahead of registration

Attendee Promotion

Registrants get the word out!

  • Generate FOMO pre-event
  • Social proof your event
  • Attract highly qualified attendees
  • Reward your MVA (Most Valuable Advocate)

Exhibitor/Partner Outreach

Partners get the word out!

  • Automate exhibitor outreach
  • Generate promotional toolkits
  • Track and reward exhibitors with the most referrals
  • Curate user-generated  videos
Speaker Promotional Kit

Speakers Promotion!

Speakers get the word out!

  • Promote the event and their session
  • Atomize content for amplified reach
  • Personal video teaser invites
  • Incentivize speaker with most referrals

On-Demand Lead Gen

Past speakers drive demand!

  • Leverage content as a lead magnet
  • Atomize content for amplified reach
  • Acquire a new audience for your events
  • Cross-promote upcoming events
PCMA Member Get A Member

Member Referral

Member get a member!

  • Increase member renewal
  • Attract highly qualified new members
  • Reward your MVP (Most Valuable Promoter)
Snoball award campaign

Awards Recognition

Nominees get the word out!

  • Celebrate recognition
  • Gain visibility and acknowledgement
  • Bring along others to the ceremony
7 dramatic Changes in Marketing Events and How to Prepare for the Future by Julius Solaris

Content Amplification

Visitors share your content!

  • Expand your content reach
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Generate more leads with content
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Donation Drive

Donors get the word out!

  • Promote advocacy and fundraising
  • Increase fundraising reach and goal
  • Create awareness around a cause

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