Amplify events, not budgets.

Mobilize your attendees, sponsors, and speakers to get more butts in seats and eyeballs on screens

The only word-of-mouth marketing platform dedicated for B2B events

Grow your event’s audience and community

Mobilize your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers into trusted event advocates, and tap into their network pre-to-post event.

Build your memberand subscriber base

Your audience is your new and most trusted marketing channel. Snöball multiplies your marketing reach, without multiplying your budget.

Leverage your contentfor lead generation

Transform your content marketing engine into conversion optimized machine and effectively distribute it to your audience.

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We help conferences, exhibitions,corporate, live and virtual events multiplytheir marketing efforts not their spend.

It’s about time.
Step up your marketing game.

Considering how only 33% of people trust traditional advertising, is this really the best you can do to drive new registrations? Snöball event marketing solution saves you time and automagically multiplies your marketing efforts. The time has come for event marketers to go back to basics.
Word-of-mouth is the new cool.

How we roll:

Unfreeze your community growth – Market to a new audience

“Insanity” is marketing to the same audience over and over again and expecting different results. Snöball event marketing tool taps into your speakers’, partners’, and attendees’ professional circles and builds up your community and in turn, your attendance.
Meet Snöball, the people-powered event marketing solution.

How we roll:

Engage your audience 365 days. Pre-event to Post-event.

Your event was awesome, your audience was captivated, your influencer marketing campaign was a blast of success. Well, keep that Snöball rolling with content-driven and conversion-optimized post-event campaigns.Meet your new marketing channel: your people.

How we roll:

C❄❄l clients we snöballed

If time and resources are impeding your growth,
it’s time for Snöball, the event marketing tool
you wished you discovered earlier.

Our team has lived, loved, and breathed events for over 20 years,
so we know a thing or two about the biz.
We’re just cool like you.