9 ideas for using ChatGPT in Event Marketing

9 ideas for using ChatGPT in Event Marketing

Hey, event profs!

By now, you’ve probably seen ChatGPT all over your social feed. This cutting-edge AI language model is revolutionizing the events industry, streamlining processes and making life easier for event professionals. You may be wondering how can I use this in marketing my events?

But first, what is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a conversational AI language model developed by OpenAI. It uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses to text inputs, allowing it to converse with users on various topics. It’s trained on a large corpus of text data, allowing it to have a wide range of knowledge and the ability to generate contextually appropriate responses.

How will ChatGPT revolutionize the way we market our events?
The team at Snöball decided to take ChatGPT for a test drive and experiment with 10 event marketing ideas using ChatGPT. 

Here’s what we found:

1. ChatGPT for Social Media

We started with social media as the first event marketing strategy. Social media is an important strategy in promoting events and helps to:

  1. Reach a wider audience: Social media can help you reach a large and diverse audience that may not be accessible through traditional marketing channels.

  2. Increase engagement: Social media platforms provide a way to interact with attendees and potential attendees, allowing you to build a community around your event and increase engagement.

  3. Create a buzz: By consistently sharing content about the event on social media, you can create excitement and generate a buzz around the event.

  4. Provide live updates: Social media allows you to provide real-time updates and behind-the-scenes coverage of the event, keeping attendees informed and engaged.

  5. Gather feedback: Social media can be used to gather feedback and opinions from attendees, which can be used to improve future events.

  6. Enhance brand visibility: Social media can help to increase your event’s visibility and build brand awareness, both during and after the event.

Building a content calendar is daunting and time consuming, we get it. So we prompted ChatGPT with this request:

Can you build a social media calendar for CES 2023 & put it in a tabular form? I need 4 columns; dates, time, content type, actual post content

By automating repetitive tasks, ChatGPT helps event professionals work more efficiently, allowing them to focus on the tasks that really matter. We all know how long it takes to build a social media calendar, especially for an event like CES 2023. ChatGPT not only gave us a detailed social post copy but also organized it in a table with daily suggested posts. It may not be as high quality as you need it to be, but it saves time by getting you started. 

Here is a sample social media calendar for CES 2023:

DatesTimeContent TypeActual Post Content
1/1/202312:00 PMTeaserGet ready for the biggest tech event of the year! #CES2023 is just around the corner. Stay tuned for updates.
1/7/202310:00 AMProduct HighlightCheck out the latest innovative products that will be showcased at #CES2023. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!
1/10/20232:00 PMSpeaker AnnouncementWe’re excited to announce a lineup of amazing keynote speakers at #CES2023. Get ready to be inspired!
1/15/20239:00 AMAttendee PerksDid you know that attending #CES2023 gives you access to exclusive networking opportunities and more? Register now!
1/20/20235:00 PMShow FloorA sneak peek at the show floor for #CES2023. So much to see and explore! Who’s joining us this year?
1/25/202311:00 AMBehind the ScenesTake a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations for #CES2023. So much hard work goes into making this event a success!
1/30/20233:00 PMLive StreamCan’t make it to #CES2023 in person? No problem! We’ll be live streaming key moments from the event. Don’t miss out!

2. ChatGPT for Event Marketing Emails

Following the social media promotion, we wanted to see if ChatGPT could do something similar with email campaigns. As you can see below, ChatGPT quickly generated an email copy along with an engaging subject line and has performed reasonably well in formatting!

Create an email blast campaign for CES 2023 along with an engaging subject line. Sender name should be CES 2023.

Subject Line: Experience the Future of Technology at CES 2023

Dear [Recipient Name],

Greetings from CES 2023!

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is going to be bigger and better than ever before! With the rapid advancements in technology, this event is the perfect platform to stay ahead of the curve and get a sneak peek of what the future has in store.

From the latest cutting-edge innovations to groundbreaking developments, CES 2023 promises to offer a unique and memorable experience to all attendees. With over 4,500 exhibitors and a vast array of exhibits, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest and takes your breath away.

What’s more, this year’s show features some of the most influential names in the tech industry and provides a great opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and establish valuable connections.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the future of technology! Register today to secure your spot and be a part of this exciting event.

We look forward to seeing you at CES 2023!

Best regards,

CES 2023

3. ChatGPT for industry-specific incentives for events?

ChatGPT can generate customized incentives to motivate attendees to spread the word about the event, increasing its reach and visibility. We dive deeper into our CES 2023 example and ask ChatGPT to generate a list of incentives. What surprised us the most was how it provided us with examples of tech-related incentives that actually matter to CES 2023 audience.

For the above social post and email blast, can you list a few incentives to register?

Here are a few incentives you can use for the social post and email blast:

  1. Early bird pricing: Offer a discount for attendees who register early.
  2. Free VIP access: Offer a VIP experience, such as access to exclusive events or a lounge area, for attendees who register in advance.
  3. Networking opportunities: Highlight the networking opportunities that attendees will have at the event, such as business lunches and cocktail receptions.
  4. Keynote speakers: Promote the keynote speakers and the topics they’ll be discussing, to entice attendees to register.
  5. Product launches: Tease product launches and other exciting announcements that will be made at the event.
  6. Giveaways: Offer a chance to win prizes, such as tech gadgets or event tickets, for attendees who register in advance.
  7. Industry insights: Emphasize the valuable insights and information that attendees will gain from attending the event.

Remember, the key is to make the incentives appealing and relevant to your target audience. Consider what would motivate them to register and use that information to create a compelling message.

4. ChatGPT for LinkedIn Post

Create a LinkedIn post for CES 2023 along with a meta title and description

LinkedIn Post:

Get Ready for the Future with CES 2023!

Attention all tech enthusiasts and event professionals! The Consumer Electronics Show 2023 is just around the corner and promises to be the most exciting tech showcase of the year. Join us as we explore the latest advancements in the industry and network with some of the biggest names in tech. Register now to secure your spot!

Meta Title: CES 2023 | Experience the Latest in Tech

Meta Description: Join us at CES 2023 for a first-hand look at the latest advancements in consumer electronics. Network with industry leaders and explore the future of technology. Register now!

5. Generate custom designs with AI

The potential for pairing ChatGPT and DALL·E 2 in creating marketing materials has been explored in our recent CES 2023 social media campaign below. The combination of ChatGPT’s design ideas and inspiration with DALL·E 2’s graphics capabilities produced unique, visually appealing results. While this is just one example of the capabilities of these technologies, it demonstrates their potential in elevating event marketing materials

I need some cool design ideas for the above social post.

Here are a few design ideas for the social post:

  1. A futuristic cityscape with a silhouette of a person in the foreground, showcasing the future of technology.
  2. A colorful, dynamic illustration of various gadgets and devices, with the CES 2023 logo prominently displayed.
  3. An eye-catching animation of a circuit board, with the words “Get ready for #CES2023” written over it.
  4. A 3D render of a futuristic device, with the words “Join us at CES 2023” displayed on the screen.
  5. An illustrated timeline, showcasing the evolution of technology and ending with the CES 2023 logo.

These are just a few ideas to get started, but feel free to get creative and come up with something unique that aligns with your brand and the message you want to convey.

We copy pasted the design idea on Dalle 2 and it generated 4 original designs
A branded social post with an original design and copy ready in minutes!

6. ChatGPT for global audience has limitation

With its ability to develop social copy tailored to a specific audience segment, ChatGPT ensures that event professionals can effectively reach their target market with their message. Although it was able to generate somewhat a comprehensible translation in French, it is currently incapable of producing results in non-latin script languages like Arabic.

Can you write the social media post in French and Arabic

Here is the social post in French:

“C’est l’heure! Le Consumer Electronic Show 2023 approche à grands pas! Rejoignez-nous pour des keynote speakers inspirants, des lancements de produits excitants, des opportunités de réseautage uniques et bien plus encore. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant pour bénéficier de tarifs préférentiels et de l’accès VIP gratuit. Nous vous attendons avec impatience! #CES2023 #ÉvénementTechnologique”

Here is the social post in Arabic:

“حان الوقت! معرض الإلكترونيات المستهلكي 2023 قاد

7. ChatGPT for event website SEO

ChatGPT’s ability to generate content with keywords and phrases relevant to the event can improve its search engine ranking, making it easier for potential attendees to discover the event online.

For CES 2023, can you generate a list of SEO keywords?

Sure, here is a list of SEO keywords for CES 2023:

  1. Consumer Electronics Show 2023
  2. CES 2023
  3. Electronics Show 2023
  4. Consumer Electronics Event 2023
  5. Tech Event 2023
  6. Trade Show 2023
  7. CES 2023 Registration
  8. CES 2023 Exhibitor
  9. CES 2023 Attendee
  10. CES 2023 Keynote Speaker
  11. CES 2023 Products
  12. CES 2023 Networking Opportunities
  13. CES 2023 Innovations
  14. CES 2023 Latest Trends
  15. CES 2023 Gadgets.

8. Curates speaker questions for event video marketing

We experimented with ChatGPT to see how it could potentially aid in event video marketing. One of its features is the ability to curate speaker questions for event video marketing, which aligns with the trend of short-form videos. According to Hubspot, 90% of marketers are expected to increase or maintain their investment in short-form video in 2023. We asked ChatGPT’s help to suggest speakers’ interview questions. 

Suggest questions to ask a speaker promoting their session at CES 2023

  1. Can you share your inspiration behind the session topic?
  2. How will attendees benefit from attending your session at CES 2023?
  3. What are some of the key takeaways you hope attendees will leave with?
  4. How does your session fit into the larger theme or trends of CES 2023?
  5. Can you provide a sneak peek into any interactive or engaging elements you have planned for the session?
  6. How do you see the industry evolving in relation to the topic of your session?
  7. Are there any real-life examples or case studies you’ll be sharing during the session?
  8. How do you plan to integrate the latest technology into your session?
  9. Can you tell us about your background and expertise on this topic?
  10. Is there anything you’d like to share about the future of this industry and your predictions for 2023 and beyond?

9. ChatGPT for event justification letters

With managers needing to know the justification for attending events, including the costs of travel, lodging, time away from work, and other expenses, it’s crucial to have well-written justification letters (pc/nametag, 2023). Let’s explore how ChatGPT can be used to craft a persuasive letter?


Generate a justification letter for CES 2023.

Subject: Request for Approval to Attend CES 2023

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to request your approval to attend CES 2023, one of the world’s leading technology events, taking place in Las Vegas from January 5th to 8th.

As a leader in the tech industry, attending CES 2023 will provide me with the opportunity to stay current with the latest innovations, network with industry experts, and learn about new products and services that can benefit our company. It will also give me the chance to attend several informative sessions and workshops, which will help me develop my professional skills and knowledge.

Attending CES 2023 will allow me to:

  • Gain valuable insights into the latest technology trends and advancements
  • Network with other professionals in the tech industry and explore potential business partnerships
  • Learn about new products and services that can benefit our company and stay ahead of the competition
  • Participate in workshops and sessions to enhance my professional development

The cost of attending CES 2023 includes registration fees, travel expenses, and accommodations. The estimated cost of attending CES 2023 is [insert amount]. I am confident that the knowledge and connections I will gain at this event will more than justify the cost.

I would be honored to represent our company at CES 2023 and believe that attending this event will help us stay ahead of the competition and make a positive impact on our business. I would appreciate your support in making this opportunity a reality.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Might as well pack your bags for Vegas!

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way event professionals market their events, it is important to recognize its limitations. ChatGPT, being an AI language model, lacks the human touch and empathy that is often crucial in building relationships with potential attendees. Furthermore, its responses are limited to the data it was trained on, and it may not always be able to provide contextually relevant answers.