12 Event landing page examples for a successful campaign

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Best landing page example for events

There’s one thing all of us snöballers have in common: we love to see impactful, simple, highly-converting event landing pages. In this article, we’ve assembled 12 event landing pages examples that perform. If you’re not sure what an event landing page is, we covered the topic in detail in a previous post. In a nutshell, it’s a web page that’s specifically designed to give prospective event attendees all the info they need to commit to registering for your meeting.

Your main event landing page could be your home page, but it doesn’t have to end there. You could have several landing pages tailored to different advertising campaigns and audience personas. Using snöball, you could even design a unique landing page for every one of your participants and capitalize on peer-to-peer marketing.

Get inspired by these 12 impactful event landing page examples from some of the top conferences in a variety of industries. The forecast for the end of this article: a flurry of inspiration!

Event landing page examples: Martech Conferences

Web Summit

event landing page examples - Web Summit

What we love: The first thing we notice is the distinctive colour palette in the Web Summit branding, which makes their landing page pop. They also use call-to-action buttons very well. There are four visible buttons on this page, and three of them direct to pre-registration. This landing page features many compelling reasons to attend the event, and no distracting outbound links. There are other sections to this website, but they are hidden in the hamburger menu on the top-right. Smart. The sale countdown is also a nice touch since it creates urgency while highlighting a high-value offer. Finally, the chatbot on the bottom right provides on-demand attendee support, adding the cherry on top of this ideal landing page example.


event landing page examples - Inbound

What we love: Sometimes your event’s pricing structure can become confusing. Registrants need a clear-cut way to visualize and understand the best option for them. A tried-and-true method for simplifying this is by creating pricing tiers as INBOUND has done in the pictured example. Lay out the specifics of each package/option in bullet form, and mark one of the packages “featured” or “most popular”. There are plenty of ways to improve your pricing page based on consumer psychology, including incorporating an FAQ page to make selecting a package easier, and making colour choices that reduce registrant friction.

PCMA Convening Leaders

Event landing page examples - PCMA Convening Leaders

What we love: Below a punchy header image and a few key points, there is a content block that puts the most notable event speakers front-and-centre. Speakers are at the heart of any event and offer some of the most compelling reasons to attend. Also shown here is a “social proof” carousel. Social proof content is another essential event landing page element. The “proof” comes in the form of testimonials from past participants, in this case.

Content Marketing World

Event landing page examples - Content Marketing World

What we love: Landing pages can actively work for you during the entire event life cycle. Content Marketing World demonstrates this by having a prominent “notify me” box and sign-up section on their landing page while registration is not yet open. Lead collection mechanisms like this allow you to keep relationships going with prospects at any time.

Event landing page examples: our clients


Event landing page examples - CIMBC20

What we love: The majority of associations with annual events need to find new ways to demonstrate clear value to prospective participants. For our client, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum, this value is demonstrated through a dynamic website. “By the numbers” provides a lot of info at a glance, with links for more info directly below. For social proof: photos, quotes, and a live Twitter feed are concisely displayed.


Event landing page examples - EVS33

What we love: Landing pages need to position your event very quickly in the minds of prospective attendees. For the 33rd Electric Vehicle Symposium hosted by EDTA, we opted for a simple layout that provides a high impact upon first glance. A video plays behind the event tagline in the main banner. In the boxes below this, we outline the main selling points for the Symposium on the left, while the box on the right gets updated at key points during the campaign. It’s important to get visitors to come back to your landing page by keeping its content fresh.

Connect Marketplace

Event landing page examples - Connect Marketplace

What we love: Displaying a video front-and-centre is an excellent way to say more with fewer words and clutter. This is also a good example of a landing page that offers a retrospective on an event that has just wrapped up, with quick access to recap articles and other content.

Related: we partnered with Connect to snöball Connect Marketplace.


Event landing page examples - ESOT

What we love: ESOT managed to condense a lot of information into a grid that is easy on the eyes. Those looking to stay current with the latest news can look to the dynamic news box. The take action box is as clear as can be. Other info is equally concise.

Hive Conference

Event landing page examples - Hive

What we love: The scrolling photo gallery is elegant, and the animated countdown brings a sense of excitement towards the launch of the meeting. The registration button stands out as it should.

snöball landing pages

Event landing page examples - CompTIA MPI landing page

Event landing page examples - CIMTL19

These highly personalized landing pages were generated by snöball, and shared with every speaker, exhibitor, and other participants of a great variety of events. snöball influencer landing pages are stand-alone, trackable web pages that expand the event’s reach and audience. They are free of distracting content and designed to drive connections, conversations, and conversions. Speakers get to spread the word about the research they are presenting, while exhibitors can use the 1:1 meeting feature to lock-in networking opportunities well in advance of the show. All participants, even delegates, can use their custom landing page to personally invite people in their network.

Bottom Line

We hope this post provided you with some killer inspiration for your next event landing page. Your event website can truly be a sales machine, provided you keep your landing page clean and free of buttons that take attention away from registration. Also remember to keep your pricing tiers crystal clear, and feature engaging content year-round.

To take your event landing pages to a whole other level, give snöball a try. You’ll receive ready-made, custom landing pages for every one of your event participants, thereby increasing your sales reach exponentially!

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