IAEE Expo! Expo! 2019 – What You Need To Know

IAEE Expo expo 2019

IAEE Expo! Expo! 2019 – the famous “show for shows”.
Here’s what you need to know!

Soon, Sin City will be home to hundreds of exhibition and event industry professionals, including us. If you’re registered for Expo! Expo!, be sure to come to visit us at Booth 1027!

Here’s what to expect during 3 incredible days of learning, networking, and innovating:

What is Expo! Expo!?

Expo! Expo! is a meeting and trade show that caters to event and exhibition professionals. Buyers and sellers make lucrative connections at the expo, while thought-leaders bring meaning and context to attendees during the ongoing educational sessions.

On what scale does Expo! Expo! deliver this amazing content, you ask?

Expo! Expo! is a whopping

  • 3 days
  • 2,400 professionals in attendance
  • 128 education sessions
  • 300 exhibitors
  • 60+ product categories
  • 45 networking opportunities


What does IAEE stand for?

IAEE stands for the International Association of Exhibitions and Events. The IAEE is the leading trade association for the global exhibitions and events industry. Formed in 1928, the association represents over 12,000 individuals in 50 countries.

What are the dates and location for Expo! Expo! 2019?

Expo! Expo! 2019 takes place in Las Vegas from December 3-5. Past delegates have mentioned that the timing is perfect for ending the year on a strong note.

Where is this massive event being hosted?

At the glorious Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Did you know that this hotel boasts a 1,000,000 sq ft convention center that ranks as one of the largest in the world? The experience you’ll get when you first step onto that floor is otherworldly; the energy is palpable!

Why should you attend Expo! Expo! 2019?

When you take a special event like Expo! Expo!, and host it in such a unique city, you’ve got a recipe for a truly unforgettable event. The best reason to attend Expo! Expo!, according to the official website, is to find your Vegas moment. In other words, you’re signing up to embark on a journey of innovation and learning that starts on the show floor and continues into the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

Here’s the lowdown on this year’s Expo! Expo! highlights:

Cutting-Edge Education

  • Roundtable discussions: Stop by the IAEE Tech Guide 2019, where we’ll feature our CompTIA Exhibitor recruitment challenge snöball use-case full of revenue-generating tips to enhance your next event’s reach and skyrocket registration. Learn how we mobilized speakers and exhibitors to collectively earn hundreds of new registrants.
    The numbers speak for themselves:

    • The speakers’ campaign resulted in a 48% adoption and generated a 115% ROI
    • The exhibitors’ challenge resulted in a 67% adoption rate and generated a 271% ROI

    Grab a seat at the roundtable on December 5 where our snöballer-in-chief Rachel Stephan will deep dive into this successful influencer marketing campaign. This 45-minute session is being held at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 AM.

  • Want to get REALLY inspired? The Expo! Expo! Tech Startup Experience & Pitch Competition is the spot to find techspiration for all your events next year and the decade ahead. We’ll bring our A-game and aim to impress judges Karen Bantuveris, Jeff Moore, and Brian Slawin. Come cheer us on and watch our pitch from 2:45 PM – 2:55 PM on December 4. The winner will be revealed at the IAEE Annual Awards Luncheon on Thursday, 5 December. Fingers crossed!
  • Tech Bar at the IAEE Hangout: This space takes learning and networking to a whole new level. Find mobile app support, tech education, personal and professional branding tips, and more courtesy of the Dahlia+ team at the Tech Bar. Also enjoy featured education sessions at the GES Main Stage, Summit Club, Art of the Show Winners Gallery, CEM Discovery Lounge, Marriott Trends Zone, wellness stations, and more all in one place!
  • Chris Bashinelli went from Hollywood actor to an inspiring leader. Check out his Expo! Expo! General Session that will teach you how to become a global citizen, something that has never been more important.
  • Also speaking during a General Session is Darleen Santore, or “Coach Dar”, who will make it her mission to help you reach your peak potential. Ready to “level up” your life?
  • Six distinct education tracks are on offer at Expo! Expo! Use the Advanced Search feature to filter sessions based on your interests and learning level.

Business is Central at the Expo

Networking and Special Events at Expo! Expo!

  • The Opening Reception will set the tone – a must-attend. Dec 3, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
  • The night of December 4 will feature an incredible cover band. All Request Live! takes requests from the audience to form their entire setlist! Talk about listening to your influencers. Check out other featured networking events.
  • The Terence Donnelly Memorial 5K Run/1 Mile Walk is a memorial for Terence Donnelly who passed away on July 20, 2019. Terence had a passion for the exhibitions and events industry and loved being part of the IAEE community.

Celebrating Peer!2Peer! Stories

We’re all about sparking new connections and celebrating the relationships that make a difference in peoples’ lives. We asked some Expo! Expo! influencers about two things: who first influenced them to attend this IAEE event, and who they are looking forward to meeting. Here’s what they had to say:

Dahlia El Gazzar and Peer!2Peer! Buddy Terence Donnelly

Expo! Expo! Peer!2Peer! buddies Dahlia El Gazzar and Terence Donnelly

Dahlia chose to commemorate the late Terence Donnelly. She said: “Terrence was the first one who greeted me at Passkey when I joined in 2000, and took my hand, and guided me while I created a presentation for a panel discussion at Expo! Expo! for high-level peers. I came to the show and was overwhelmed, but all was good since he introduced me to everyone he knew. The rest is history.”

She also added, “Terence will always be around us. His energy is palpable, especially at Expo! Expo!”

Stephanie Selesnick and Peer!2Peer! Buddy Denyse Selesnick

Expo! Expo! Peer!2Peer! buddies Stephanie Selesnick and Denyse Selesnick

Stephanie wrote: “This is my 25th annual meeting. I was introduced to IAEE, then NAEM by my mom, Denyse Selesnick, CEM who was a member. Go 2nd Generation!”

She’s looking forward to meeting her mentee Jenna Gottscho, as well as many friends and colleagues.

Sherron Washington and Peer!2Peer! Buddy Marsha Veach-Flanagan

Expo! Expo! Peer!2Peer! buddies Sherron Washington and Marsha Veach-Flanagan

Sherron got her start at Expo! Expo! after Marsha asked her to speak at the event. In December, Sherron is itching to reconnect with Dahlia El Gazzar and Tess Vismale.

Tamar Beck and Peer!2Peer! Buddy Matt Coyne

Expo! Expo! Peer!2Peer! buddies Tamar Beck and Matt Coyne

Tamar told us that she and Coyne were looking for US events that they could attend where they could grow their network of US trade show organizers. “I was a visitor the first year and exhibited for the first time in 2018,” she said.

Which two people is she looking forward to catching up with at Expo! Expo!? “I hate to only mention 2, but because I arranged my meetings with these two first – Dave Einzig and Dave Lawton.”

Adrien Cirou and Peer!2Peer! Buddy Nick Borelli

Expo! Expo! Peer!2Peer! buddies Adrien Cirou and Nick Borelli

Adrien met his buddy quite recently! “Nick Borelli was the one who mentioned in a phone call earlier this year that I should attend/exhibit at Expo! Expo!,” he said.

He’s most looking forward to networking with Megan Saad and Dahlia El Gazzar, who he called “a great mentor and connector for us.”

Bill McGlade and Peer!2Peer! Buddies Brandon Hensley and Lenay Gore

Expo! Expo! Peer!2Peer! buddies Bill McGlade and Lenay Gore

“Both Brandon Hensley and Lenay Gore introduced me to Expo! Expo!,” Bill said. “Wayyyy back in the day, I worked for NTP where Brandon was my VP. Obviously he approved me to attend the event and there Lenay was my mentor. She showed me the ropes, introduced me to other peers, and really showed me the best in the industry.”

Who is Bill looking to connect with in December? “Laura Welsh, because I really only get to catch up with her once a year and she is one of the brightest minds in the industry. Also, Dharmesh from Resiada because he is hilarious and he is going to take the industry by storm.”

Arlene Shows and Peer!2Peer! Buddy RD Whitney

Expo! Expo! Peer!2Peer! buddies Arlene Shows and RD Whitney

Arlene says that RD hired her via Tarsus and TSNN 12 years ago. “He turned me onto Expo! Expo! to learn more about our industry and to network with the pros! I’ve attended every year since.”

Arlene has her sights set on meeting Joe and Eric from Bear Analytics in Vegas because they are helping TSNN offer a deeper dive into event data with a new tool. Sounds interesting!

Next Stop: Las Vegas!

snöball is taking event marketing by storm. The best way to get a sense of what we’re all about is by attending the roundtable “deep dive” into one of our coolest campaigns on the morning of December 5. You can also catch our quick appearance during the Expo! Expo! Tech Startup Experience & Pitch Competition from 2:45 PM – 2:55 PM on December 4. Finally, make sure a visit to Booth 1027 is part of your itinerary.

See you in Vegas!

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