How to get ready for the MPI WEC 2019 Shared Experience


The MPI World Education Congress 2019 promises seriously innovative learning for thousands of meeting and event professionals who will descend in Toronto from June 15-18, 2019. This year’s theme revolves around shared experiences, and what an experience it will be: MPI WEC offers the best in social events, business and networking opportunities, and keynote speakers. The best part: it’s all available at no cost to planners!

In the name of shared experiences, we thought we would share a few tips for first-timers (with a little help from our influencers) to get you prepared for such a colossal Congress.

Do as much as you can

Here’s the lowdown: over 2,000 attendees from 30+ countries will be joining you at MPI WEC 2019. A full experience at MPI WEC involves meeting as many people as you can, especially during social events. Attend the Opening and Closing Celebrations, cheer on your peers at the RISE awards, and have fun with your friends while making a difference at the Rendezvous fundraising and networking event. These bashes will be held at various Toronto hotspots, giving you a unique opportunity to explore the city and its culture during your stay.

“Our suggestion for all new attendees is to attend as much as they can. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to people….everyone is so friendly!”


Awesome (as usual) MPI WEC keynote speakers

MPI WEC is known for assembling amazing speakers from both inside and outside the events industry. Vinh Giang is part-entrepreneur, part-magician, and all-inspiring as a motivational keynote speaker who helps people master the art of communication. Be sure to catch Robert Fogerty and Fresh Johnson from Dear World deliver their presentation on storytelling and how it can transform individuals, companies, and communities. Michael Cerbelli will get us in-the-know when it comes to the hottest event trends and ideas. Finally, powerhouse concert-pianist-turned-speaker Jade Simmons will teach us how to go from trying to impress our audiences to truly impacting them.

“BE OPEN! Don’t assume you’ve seen it all or know it all, that’s the biggest blocker to breakthrough! Come expecting to be blown away and have your mindset expanded!”

Jade Simmons, #WEC19 Keynote Speaker

Cool sessions: how’s your MPI WEC 2019 agenda shaping up?

You’ll recognize many familiar faces leading educational sessions at MPI WEC 2019, including Nick Borelli, Tahira Endean, Will Curran, Dahlia El Gazzar, and others!

Elizabeth Glau has listed her must-see picks, what will yours be? Check out the agenda and plan your participation.

“Check out the program and block the sessions you like. Also, leave time in your agenda for meetings and to catch up with participants, clients and other passionate people that will attend.”

Mariska Kesteloo, Founder @wordofmice

Travel to the four villages

Looking for innovative knowledge delivery? Look no further than the 4 villages set up at MPI WEC Toronto. At the Innovation Village, you’ll discover how to apply creative tech trends to your business. Learn and network with other industry professionals in the Social Village. Gain insights on optimizing your next event’s experience at the Experiential Design Village, and aspire to be the best executive you can be with tips gleaned in the Leadership Village.

Have a plan with your schedule and appointments, but be flexible! There’s magic in serendipity

Megan Powers, Strategic Marketing Consultant

As a dedicated WEC goer I say, make ALL the connections you can. Some of the best engagements happen in the most unlikely places. My first big connection happened in Minneapolis on a Taxi Bike. Who would’ve thought?

Antwone Stigall, CMP

Build up the buzz with snöball

We’re proud to be snöballing MPI WEC 2019! What does that entail? Check out these cool social media posts to get a sense of the shareable assets available to all attendees and speakers.

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