Snöball Your Event.
Get The Right Registrants.

Mobilize your registrants to refer the right registrants by getting the word out about your event on their preferred social network.

+ Increase Registrants.
+ Incentivize and Reward Advocates.
+ Social-Proof Your Event.

Why market your event alone?

Snöball accelerates your event growth.

Registrants get the word out… and get registrants

With Snöball, your registrants become your event ambassadors – amplifying your message via social media and increasing your registrations.

Customize the promotion content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, What’sApp, Slack and Email, making it easy for your registrants to endorse your content – with the click of a button.

92% of people trust… people, not brands.

Snöball has been a wonderful surprise to our marketing efforts for these events so far! Not only were we thrilled with the quantity of referrals, the referrals were exactly the type of audience we were hoping for. They were the ICP's.
Matthew Butter
Matthew Butter
Senior Manager, Social Media Marketing, Ansys
The results were great, the service was great, and the team was really on it. Snöballing my events has been such an effective marketing channel for the events that I run. I am definitely going to Snöball them again next year!
Onika Akhtar Khalid
Marketing Director - Terrapinn

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