Surging into Virtual Events with Arianna Rehak

Surging into Virtual Events with Arianna Rehak

This article originally appeared on Leading Learning

Virtual events should be an important topic for all learning businesses seeking to expand their reach and connect with learners. But many organizations haven’t added virtual events to their list of educational offerings simply because they aren’t quite sure how to go about planning and implementing them.

Arianna Rehak, who runs, an organization aimed at helping associations thrive and succeed in today’s ever-changing environment, is the impresario behind the recent virtual summit, Surge 2017—something we had the pleasure of experiencing both as presenters and as participants. With her first successful event under her belt, Arianna has valuable insights for anyone who may be interested in hosting – or improving ­– a virtual event.

In this episode of the Leading Learning podcast, Jeff talks with Arianna about what went into planning Surge, how she got people to authentcially engage and promote it, as well as some of the biggest challenges and lessons learned from the event.

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