3 Proven Event Marketing Strategies for Attendee Acquisition by Cadmium CD

3 Proven Event Marketing Strategies for Attendee Acquisition

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Let’s make one thing clear: all your event stakeholders can be considered influencers, advocates, and fans

Event stakeholders need to be involved in your event marketing strategies.

Think of all your speakers. They have sessions they want to promote and knowledge they want to spread far and wide.

Your exhibitors will spend time and money for the chance to fill their pipeline. They’re eager to connect with attendees and create profitable relationships.

And your participants – they’re the biggest and most powerful group in your community. Just imagine if every one of them built up the pre-event buzz with their peers. You would enjoy reputable exposure to a new and highly relevant audience!

Accessible and well-organized event data is powerful – you can mobilize your community of speakers, exhibitors, and attendees once you have the right information. Let’s take a closer look at how your core event community can become your number one influencers and form the basis of some fresh and powerful event marketing strategies.