Using Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Conference by Northstar Meetings Group

Using Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Conference

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How to tap into top supporters to maximize your event’s reach

Influencer marketing is arguably the most effective technique for maximizing reach and getting in front of target attendees, yet many planners file it away as a tactic designated for consumer media.

Technology and Promotion

What stops planners from going all-in on influencer marketing? A lack of time, resources and know-how, says Rachel Stephan, chief, Snöball Event Influencer Marketing. “The logistics seem too daunting to tackle. We knew there had to be a simpler way, and that’s the idea that sparked Snöball.” Among features, the platform generates unique landing pages for influential speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees, populated with custom information that easily enables them to promote participation at the event. The platform is meant to provide key players with access to untapped resources that help increase event brand awareness.

“We wanted to provide planners with a way to activate their influencers without the significant time investment,” Stephan says. “We wanted to make event influencer marketing an automated process.” With Snöball software, planners and their influencers can automate much of the process.