How to make friends with influencers by AMI Magazine

How to make friends with influencers by AMI Magazine

This article originally appeared on AMI Magazine

Corbin Ball explains how planners can use social media ‘influencers’ to create a buzz around their meetings….

Celebrity endorsements have been around since the start of advertising – the movie stars selling perfume, the Nike Swoosh on sports star’s clothing. Psychologists have long realised that people are more likely to buy things if they are pushed by famous people or ‘social influencers’.

Until recently, this has been primarily through main media channels: TV, magazines, other print ads, and other tightly controlled options. This is changing. With the advent of social media, nearly everyone can have their social megaphone. To the degree that individuals can accrue a sizable number of followers, they too can be powerful social influencers as well.

The good news for event promoters is that your influencers don’t need millions of followers. Event promoters can reach very specific market niches with niche ‘celebrities’ with much smaller but dedicated follower numbers (i.e.500-10,000 followers). In fact, they often seem more relevant and authentic than the mega-famous. They are experienced in communicating with their core demographic. In fact, research indicates that people trust influencers much more than ads.