Influencer Marketing – Providing Value or Overused Term? by Making a Marketer Podcast

Influencer Marketing - Providing Value or Overused Term? by Making a Marketer Podcast

This article originally appeared on Making a Marketer 

The term “Influencer Marketing” has been very hot, especially in light of the Fyre Festival documentaries bringing it to the forefront! The thing is, as our guests on episode 29 share with us, there should be a distinction between an influencer and an endorser. Have you heard the term “Key Opinion Leader”? We cover that too.

There are all sorts of levels of influence, and we explore them all on this show. Our three guests are inspirational women working within the meetings and events industry.

Our guests…

  • Rachel Stephan@StephanRachel / Montreal, Canada
    – Senior Event Marketing Strategist with sensov/ event marketing
    – Chief snöballer / snöball event influencer marketing
    She’s a strategic thinker, creative idea generator and an event industry speaker. She provides strategic input and guidance and creates, develops and delivers integrated marketing campaigns for non-profit and corporate organizations locally, nationally, and abroad.
  • Tamar Beck – @tamarbeck1 / Twickenham, (West London) UK
    – CEO at Gleanin
    Tamar has 15 years of event experience from an individual project to portfolio management, which includes overall financial responsibility and management of sales, marketing, operations, and finance. Also managed a number of launches and acquisitions (including due diligence and integration).
  • Mariska Kesteloo – @MariskaKesteloo
    – Founder Word of MICE / Past-President MPI Belgium / Gent, Flanders, Belgium
    Mariska is the engine behind the ‘Word of MICE’ who finds the right social influencer for your region, city, convention bureau, hotel or venue. Let us help you tell your story, and build a unique global campaign to promote your service/product.

“I think in our day-to-day lives, ordinary people (ordinary attendees who are members of their own networks and communities) are genuine influencers.” -Tamar

Want to know how much your Instagram posts are “worth”? Rachel shared this Website with us: Influencer Marketing Hub.
If you’re interested in learning about some very obscure travel destinations, Mariska shared this with us: Atlas Obscura.

Sit back and relax, as we deep-dive into the important topic of influencer marketing.